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Welcome to Rhythm of the Night Entertainment. My name is Scott Bragin and I am the owner and founder of the company. There must be something in my blood that led me to this business. After years of being a dj and telling everyone I had started playing with equipment at age 14 I had a revelation. An old friend from camp sent me a picture of myself when I was 11 or 12 years old. The picture was of me sitting at a table behind a dual cassette deck playing music for a camp social. I remembered that I had told everyone to bring their cassettes cued up to their favorite song. I played one song and as it ended, started the next one. I remember pressing rewind at the end of Michael Jackson’s Thriller to repeat Vincent Price’s laugh mixed over the beginning of the next song.

That picture took me back and made me realize that there was something in me that drew me to being a dj. It wasn’t for another year or 2 until I started learning how to use “real” dj equipment. My best friend got a set of equipment and it wasn’t long before it ended up in my bedroom. I did some roadie work with a local dj in Canarsie, Brooklyn where I grew up. I started doing parties on my own at age 15. The first party I did for my own company was an inter-sing party for South Shore and Canarsie High School. I booked two Sweet Sixteens from that job. From there business took off without even trying too much. At the age of 20 I decided to make this my full time job. Rhythm of the Night has been my passion and livelihood ever since.

I remember back then many people compliment me by saying that I always did what was best for the party. This was at a time that many dj’s just played what they liked. So much has changed since then but my attitude has stayed the same. We are here to do what you want, play the music you like and do what is best for your party. I have built my company around that idea.

Rhythm of the Night is fully insured and a proud member of N.A.M.E. (National Association of Mobile Entertainers).