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Package Options

Rhythm of the Night does not believe in making you choose from “pre-set packages” Instead we help you customize a package based on your event, the style you are looking for and your budget. Every event begins with our basic package which consists of a professional 2 man team; a talented and experienced DJ with a dynamic MC (Master of Ceremonies). From there you can let your imagination run wild.

You can select the options that fit your event and give you the desired results. With Scott’s help you can put together any combination of options. Please take a look below at some of our most popular package add-ons. Remember, if you don’t see something you are looking for just ask.

Live Musicians/Singers – Musicians can be supplied for a wedding ceremony, cocktail hour or to accompany the DJ during the party. For the ceremony choose from options such as a harp, strings or keyboard player. Ever think about a steel drum band for your cocktail hour? Or if you want the best of both worlds, we can combine a DJ with live musicians for your party. Typical package would include a live singer, saxaphone player and a percussionist.

Percussionists – Spice up your event with live music by adding a percussionist. The drummer will play along with the DJ’s music to enhance the beat. You can select a professional latin percussionist or one with a more high energy style. Either way your guests will feel the energy that the percussionist adds to the party.

Room Uplighting – Uplighting can bring a room to life. We can change the color and feel of any room or just accentuate a rooms natural beauty. Choose from single color uplights or Programmable L.E.D. uplights that can change the atmosphere with the touch of a button.

Automated Lighting – If you wish to add a little life to your party, then add a little light to your party. We offer lighting packages that range from simple to extravagant for any size affair. Automated lighting is used at clubs and concerts. It is fully computer controlled and easily changes colors and designs. We can create any atmosphere that you can dream of, from elegant to club style. Lighting can enhance the overall feel of your event.

Name In Lights – Project your name, monogram or logo onto the dance floor or wall. Custom created for each event. This option is a great way to personalize your party and is always a conversation piece.

Plasma Packages – Rhythm of the Night will create and show a beautiful photo montage to your guests. Our video technician will take digital zap shots throughout the party and show them on the screens. Live simulcast video and music videos can be shown as well.

Projection Packages – We offer a 6×8 projection screen used to broadcast a montage and show digital zap shots similar to the plasma screen package. The projection screen is best used in large venues and can act as the centerpiece of the DJ set up. You can also combine a projection screen with plasma screens.

Lounge Furniture – Having a lounge area at a party is one of the hottest options in the industry today. Design an elegant lounge area for a wedding or a funky lounge area for a Mitzvah or Sweet 16. Add some light-up furniture for a cutting edge look. The possibilities are endless.

Illuminated Stages lluminated Stages – Put a finishing touch on the set up with these illuminated dance platforms. The white skirts combined with L.E.D. uplights create a great look. The color of the stages can coordinate with the illuminated booth, automated lighting towers and plasma stands.

Illuminated Booth – Our brand new all white Illuminated DJ booth is a hot new look. It includes L.E.D. uplights to create endless color possibilities. The booth can be lit up in any one color, blend colors or run chase patterns during dance sets.

Diamond Plate Booth – This 8 ft. tall DJ booth has a diamond shaped window for the dj. It’s a sharp look that has a large presence. A perfect choice for larger venues.

Dancers/Motivators – Keep your dance floor rockin’ with the help of our party motivators. They are great dancers but more importantly they are fun, friendly and energetic. Our crew is top notch and does not believe in taking over the party. They are age appropriate based on the event. Please see the “Meet The Crew” page for pictures and more information.

Red Carpet Entrance – Make your guests feel glamorous with red carpet treatment. If your event has an appropriate theme we can act out a “Red Carpet Entrance” complete with guest interviews, paparazzi and VIP passes. The red carpet can also be rolled out for the guest of honor’s introduction.

Giveaway Packages – We offer giveaway packages of any size for any event. The giveaways will dress up your guests throughout the party and add color and pizzazz to the dance floor. Giveaway packages can be customized or theme oriented.

Old Style Photo Booth – This is a great option for any event. Your guests take home their strip of pictures while you receive a master book of every picture. Guests can write a message in the book next to their picture. It’s a great take home as well as being a fun activity at the party. Hop inside and close the curtain.

Photo Favors

Using green screen technology we will superimpose your picture onto the background of your choice. Backgrounds include items such as face fill-ins, magazine covers and funny frames and can also be customized to a theme. Select a picture in an acrylic frame, key chain or magnet. Other packages are available. Every picture includes a personalized event title. This is one of the most popular options for Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.

Game Tables – A great option for cocktail hour. Choose from games such as pop-a-shot, foosball, air hockey, home run baseball, pass attack and domed hockey. Casino table packages are also available.

Laser Etched I.D. Tags – Laser Etched I.D. Tags Customized I.D. Tag Jewelry is a hot item for Mitzvah’s and Sweet 16’s. We bring the digital laser lab right to your event. Your guests can choose their own picture, text, or logo and then watch as their I.D. Tag is customized with laser etching. You can select from dog tags or heart shape tags. It’s entertainment and a party favor in one package!

Airbrush Artists – Airbrush artists will personalize a t-shirt, hat or other item during the event. It’s fun to watch it being made and a party favor you’ll keep for years.

Tattoo Artists – A tattoo artist can decorate your guests with henna and other tattoo’s.

Wax Hand Station – This unique addition is always a conversation starter. Guests at your affair will dip their hand into hot wax to create a replica of their hand. Once it’s done you can add a prop like a cell phone or baseball. It’s a blast to do and a great party favor.

Interactive Video Games – We can set up interactive video games such as rock band, guitar hero or dance dance revolution. Other themed games are available such as skiing or snowboarding. This is a great option for the kids during cocktail hour.

Karaoke – Add some laughs to you event with karaoke. You can add karaoke as part of the main event or for a separate cocktail hour.

Set Up Photos

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