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Meet The Crew


Have you ever noticed how much better you do something when you love what you are doing? I notice it every time my company performs at an affair. As the owner of the company I make sure that my staff shares the same passion and enthusiasm that I have had since day one. Being a small company allows the Rhythm of the Night crew to create a great chemistry with each other. I believe it is very important for us have fun at your party. The love for what we do will infuse energy to your event and encourage your guests to join the celebration.

Scott Bragin

Founder and Owner of Rhythm of the Night, Master of Ceremonies, Disc Jockey

Scott Bragin believes a good MC can tailor his performance to suit each event and the clients’ wishes. He has years of experience that ranges from highly interactive Mitzvahs to classy black tie weddings. Whether you prefer a low-key style of entertainment or a very energetic and animated style, Scott can handle it with ease. As the owner and founder of the company he brings a passion and care that is unprecedented. His enthusiasm is felt at every event. From the first conversation to the day of your affair, Scott’s goal is to make the whole process simple, stress free and fun. You can feel confident that he will help make your party the best it can possibly be.

Eugene M. (aka Uncle Gene)

Master of Ceremonies

Over 10 years ago, Eugene started with Rhythm of the Night and quickly became one of the company’s most requested, energetic and animated Dancer/Party motivators. With his personality, transitioning to an MC was a quick natural progression. Now as an MC, he brings the same level of intensity and energy to each event he hosts. Eugene, affectionately known as Uncle Gene, has an affinity for working with people and a knack for actively listening to client’s requests. At his events, he follows through with those requests seamlessly and smoothly with his fun and unique style. He is the consummate professional who has a great time with his work. He’s a humorous character who loves making people feel comfortable to laugh out loud and enjoy themselves. Eugene also has the versatility to tailor his hosting style to whatever your preference might be. Whether you want to dance all night or if you have no intention to break a sweat, Eugene is willing to work with you to get you the party you desire and will remember forever.

Scott M.

Master of Ceremonies, Disc Jockey

At the young age of 23 Scott is well on his way to being a seasoned professional. Scott joined the ROTN crew in 2004, starting as a dj and quickly evolving into an MC. He understands that every event is unique and is able to change his style accordingly. As an MC he has a smooth way about himself. Scott gets results without being pushy, loud or overbearing. He is fun, energetic and a pleasure to work with.

Michael S.

Master of Ceremonies, Disc Jockey

Michael has been entertaining at private events since 1985 and shares a very similar background as the owner, Scott Bragin. He is versatile and can adapt to any style of party. Through the years he has entertained at countless weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, engagements and birthdays. Michael likes to be innovative. If you are not the traditional type, he will provide you with alternate ways of doing things to get away from the standards. He prides himself on being in tune with your every wish. Working with Michael is easy and effective. He listens to your every request and provides you with results.

Alexandra Andrew Anthony Brooke
Dancer/Party Motivator Video/Lighting Technician MC/Percussionist/
Video Technician
Dancer/Party Motivator
Catherine Christopher Cydny Edmund
Dancer/Party Motivator Video Technician Dancer/Party Motivator Dancer/Party Motivator
EJ. Robert Geronimo Janina
Disc Jockey Disc Jockey Dancer/Party Motivator Dancer/Party Motivator
Madisyn Maiysha Marlon Michelle
Dancer/Party Motivator Dancer/Party Motivator Disc Jockey Dancer/Party Motivator

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